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GOT IT GOIN' ON-II * $19.95

Counteracting Crazy! Got It Goin' On-II REVISED EDITION is the tool to empower girls and young women of color to reach their full potential, and counteract negative influences they face daily in today's crazy global society. The goal of this modernized edition of the popular GIGO-II personal development handbook, is to empower more girls to experience the joys of being a girl, to find their voices, help them navigate on their journey to womanhood, and to help them transition into caring, confident, culturally, financially, socially, and spiritually competent WOMEN WARRIORS, with the guidance of the GIGO Guardian Angels - each a unique spirit. 

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Got It Goin' On: An Image Awareness Guide for Young Ladies, is an easy reading collection of common sense information addressing issues of self-esteem, peer per pressure, developing individual strengths, talents and personal style for  girls of color, ages 8-11. The GIGO Guardian Angels (Grace, Joy, Faith, Love, Hope, Peace and Charity) have been introduced for all girls.

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I AM ENOUGH! Empowerment Poster

Promoting Positive Expression for BLACK Girls & ALL GIRLS.  Got It Goin' On® Gear includes awesome SWAG for girls and young women. Oprah ended her first LIFECLASS by stating that, as human beings, "we are all ENOUGH!" Support the girls in your life with a daily inspirational I AM ENOUGH! Empowerment Wall Art Poster.


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